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David: point of connection with the U.S.

February 18, 2008   (AAC)

The work of the first phase of modernization and rehabilitation Enrique Malek International Airport, located in David, Chiriqui Province, including the new fire station aircraft, access roads to the passenger terminal, construction of perimeter fencing, works of new premises for car rental and installation of a VOR system


The project, conducted with an investment of $ 1.4 million, helping to bring the facilities of the airport for the arrival of international flights from the United States and provide better facilities for users of the airport terminal. 
Significantly increased activity of the aviation industry in Panama has led the government of President Martín Torrijos, invest in the upgrading of the national airport infrastructure for the development of tourism and the economy.

Monday 18 February, SANSA Airline, TACA Group, started operations with flights on the route David-San Jose to different cities in the U.S., which will allow the provinces of Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui increase their tourism potential.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) held a work coordination with the Directorate of Immigration, Customs and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to make more comfortable and enjoyable as the arrival of passengers who arrived at the airport of David in this inaugural flight on SANSA.

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January 24, 2008

Considering reproduce important report by journalist Raúl A. Bernal published on page 46 of La Prensa newspaper on Enrique Malek airport in the city of David and his improvements for users, customers and aeronautics industry.

Others believe that it is time for an expansion.

They intend to build a new platform for aircraft, and thus doubling the current capacity.

It is estimated that expanding the passenger terminal will cost about 500 thousand dollars.

PRESS / Raul A. Bernal

META. The passenger terminal is the most important project. They plan to equip the building for passenger departure rooms with baths for domestic and local sales of goods, among others.

Raul A. Bernal
Mrs. Aguilar Reina International Airport met David Enrique Malek "when its facilities were a bit uncomfortable, but now that he's retired he is" very good ", but considers that an extension would not hurt him, because every day the terminal receives more and more users.

"Demand is indicating that we are facing the need to continue improving the airport infrastructure of David," Gregory admitted Monte Carlo, adviser to the general direction of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

There is a master plan for this airport, including a number of improvements. Of them have been executed and the construction of a fire station, a first stage of the perimeter fencing and local car rental companies as well as the rehabilitation of access roads and vehicle parking.

Apart from this work, the AAC is scheduled to expand the aircraft apron to double the current capacity and it will make a tender in March. Currently, there are only two positions with large aircraft and this complicates the entry of more aircraft.


"With regard to the extension of passenger terminal, and were completed and analysis is underway to develop a proposal to increase the waiting rooms and passenger arrival area," said Monte Carlo.

The AAC is seeking funds to finance this project because it was not included in the 2008 budget.

They say that expanding the passenger terminal is now the most important project in David. They plan to give the building exit rooms with baths for domestic passengers, local sales of goods for domestic and export free zone and type spaces for the attention of international passengers.

"Another need is to equip organizations such as Quarantine, Customs and Immigration facilities for their work", said the official of the CAA.

It is estimated that this expansion could cost 500 thousand dollars.

Aeronautics allocated this year 4 million 575 thousand U.S. dollars for the construction, repair, maintenance of airport facilities in the country. The AAC has a budget for this year of
 $ 27 million.


Enzo Polo, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chiriqui, proposed the creation of a consortium to develop the airport and that this would need to involve all tourism operators and those who benefit directly and indirectly with the influx of passengers .

The business leader was concerned about the high demand that has seen this terminal, especially after the recent announcement of a new flight from the Grupo TACA from the city of San Jose (Costa Rica) to David for the next 18 February.

This new flight will add more than 48 passengers, at a frequency of four times a week. The Air Panama competitor serving the same number three times a week.

"If we change that ATR (TACA) for a plane of 120 passengers, we will see serious problems for the attention of customs, immigration and spaces at the airport to meet passengers," Polo by referring to other areas such as the parking and firefighters would be affected, especially in security.

The businessman complained about the lack of a perimeter fence and because the area surrounding the airport is overrun by squatters. He also recalled the lack of capacity of hospitals to care of the wounded in case of accidents and of the hotel rooms meet the demand.

"This flight (TACA) is the checkered flag that indicates that this point is very close and that it must begin to wake up to this (to expand the infrastructure of the province)," he said.

Enzo Polo warned that the CAA started in a "traumatic" improvements in the airport of David, by placing the car rental agencies in areas that previously belonged to the parking lots for public use, thereby restricting the ability of airport users bring their own cars.

"The car rental companies have a good car is called, and the goods stored in warehouses of one, not in public use areas, underpinned Polo.

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