Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAV expansion getting closer

The bidding decisions will be announced tomorrow, March 31st.  There is an option to delay the announcement for up to 5 more days.  Here is an excerpt from the DAV, David, Enrique Malek Airport expansion plans:

The Contractor will perform the work of designing the
remodeling and expansion of the airport terminal building,
taking as a basis or reference, the following parameters
established by the Civil Aviation Authority are detailed

Passenger demand in circulation
• 500 people in Arrivals
• 500 people in Departures
• Areas of separate Arrivals and Departures

Conveyor belt luggage
• Consider two (2) bands, one for Arrivals and one for Departures area, with its own scanner (only
terminal to aircraft)
• They must be under roof deck

Counters for Airlines
• Two (2) for domestic departures (Domestic Flights)
• Five (5) for international departures

Waiting rooms or boarding
• Consider passenger demand in circulation
• Consider health facilities (bathrooms)
Area Tax Free Zone (Dutty Free)
• Consider direct access to waiting rooms
Departure of passengers and their deprivation of use restriction
exclusive to these areas.

Health Service men, women and persons with
• Consider their location in the exit area

Area Government Offices
• Police, Customs, Quarantine, Security, Migration,
among others.

Migration Review Area
• Control Migration
• X-Ray Machines

Area for other public services
• Restaurant or Cafe
• Vehicle Parking (Extension)

Area for other spaces to align and / or consider
• Airport Administration Office
• VIP Lounge
• Public Health Service
• Area weather station

Special Systems
• General Electric System
• Power Plant.
• Central Air Conditioning.
• Fire Alarm System.
• Telephone System, Data and Internet
• Speaker System
• CCTV System
• FIDS system (integrated into the existing system)
• General Plumbing System (including wastewater,
water, storm water and treatment plant)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Source: http://www.aeronautica.gob.pa/

Nine companies participated in the bidding abbreviated retail price on Wednesday made the Civil Aviation Authority to perform the "Studies, Design and Construction for the expansion of Enrique Malek International Airport in the province of Chiriqui, for a total base 30 million 89 thousand 450 balboas.

The event was chaired by directors of the AAC and the Comptroller General of the Republic, and took place from 8:00 am, where proposals were received and from 11 am they proceeded to open the envelopes that presented the participating companies.

There were companies bidding for amounts exceeding 30 million balboas, while others ranged from 27 to 29 million dollars, even one of the companies offer $ 48 million.

After opening the envelopes the Verification Commission will carry out the assessments and reviews necessary to award the tender to the winner who will conduct the study, design and construction to expand the Enrique Malek International Airport.

The reference price for the bid was 30 million 89 thousand 450 dollars, where aspiring to develop the work might make their proposals and overspend by up to 15% of the original amount.

The AAC performed the act with the utmost transparency requirements, in order to give seriousness to this important airport project is part of the unforgivable goals assigned to the institution by the Government.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update, Promises, and Progress

Progress is difficult to measure in promises, but promises kept are the foundation of most monumental achievements. The transition from dream to reality is upon us. Based on the synergy witnessed between the private sector, and the Panamanian government, direct flights to David from the USA will be a reality in the second half of 2010. Either Air Panama or COPA airlines will fly 3 times per week from Tocumen using a code share / interlink to connect with many international routes at the tocumen hub on a 100 passenger jet. Additionally a non-stop initiative will continue, so as to insure the success of international arrivals into the city of David. Ticket bookings will begin as soon as May 2010.
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Progress and Promises

According to the Autoridad de Turismo de Panama, one-stop direct flight service to the city of David, Panama Enrique Malek airport (DAV) from the USA and other international gateways will begin sometime in the second half of 2010. Either Air Panama or COPA and affiliates will operate the route.
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