· When you talk of weekly flights on a 737, how many flights per day were you thinking?
· Will Air Panama do their research also on the estimated seats?
· Do you know how much they had to guarantee in the Costa Rico deal? How many years did they have to do the program until airlines did need help any more?
· We need to get on line and check out Copa Airlines and see where they fly, they just purchased the next generation aircraft Boeing 737-800. They might have interest is direct flights also. They are buying 27 new 737’s Wow! I saw an article where the Tourism Director said there were two airlines looking to flight direct into David. We really need to know what other airline is thinking.
· Do we know if any of the airlines that now fly into David from Panama City will move to Tocumen airport once all the new gates are open? It would be good to know because there will be some customers that don’t like the hub we pick for direct flights.
· It sounds like with extended hours at David airport flights can come into it later which will help in the connection at Tocumen airport. It would be great to know if any of the four existing airlines are considering it.
· Do we know the completion of the David airport project they are bidding right now?
· Are there other businesses in our region to assist in the bond program? Is the chamber of commerce on board and will help? Other developers?
· It is my understanding that there is a 10% tourist tax collected in our area, can we ask for some go towards the bond program? Or can they provide a major marketing plan to promote that direct flights are coming. That would also help keep our cost down.
· What airport improvements will the larger planes have to have before starting service? Are they planned in the improvements being bided now?
· Out of future seats for direct flights, how many individuals, is there some make several flights per year? Out of these seats, do we know what day they prefer to fly and what time? This information would be valuable in setting up the direct flights schedule.
· I don’t know the number but developments like ours will also create seats on the plane. Some consultant could tell us if we sale 100 units per year we will generate xx number of seats. If there are other projects out there they also will help put seats on the direct flights. Even in the Boquete area.

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