Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DAV expansion getting closer

The bidding decisions will be announced tomorrow, March 31st.  There is an option to delay the announcement for up to 5 more days.  Here is an excerpt from the DAV, David, Enrique Malek Airport expansion plans:

The Contractor will perform the work of designing the
remodeling and expansion of the airport terminal building,
taking as a basis or reference, the following parameters
established by the Civil Aviation Authority are detailed

Passenger demand in circulation
• 500 people in Arrivals
• 500 people in Departures
• Areas of separate Arrivals and Departures

Conveyor belt luggage
• Consider two (2) bands, one for Arrivals and one for Departures area, with its own scanner (only
terminal to aircraft)
• They must be under roof deck

Counters for Airlines
• Two (2) for domestic departures (Domestic Flights)
• Five (5) for international departures

Waiting rooms or boarding
• Consider passenger demand in circulation
• Consider health facilities (bathrooms)
Area Tax Free Zone (Dutty Free)
• Consider direct access to waiting rooms
Departure of passengers and their deprivation of use restriction
exclusive to these areas.

Health Service men, women and persons with
• Consider their location in the exit area

Area Government Offices
• Police, Customs, Quarantine, Security, Migration,
among others.

Migration Review Area
• Control Migration
• X-Ray Machines

Area for other public services
• Restaurant or Cafe
• Vehicle Parking (Extension)

Area for other spaces to align and / or consider
• Airport Administration Office
• VIP Lounge
• Public Health Service
• Area weather station

Special Systems
• General Electric System
• Power Plant.
• Central Air Conditioning.
• Fire Alarm System.
• Telephone System, Data and Internet
• Speaker System
• CCTV System
• FIDS system (integrated into the existing system)
• General Plumbing System (including wastewater,
water, storm water and treatment plant)

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