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COPA AIRLINES announces new destinations

COPA AIRLINES announces new destinations: Source

Flights to Toronto, Nassau and Porto Alegre will be released in June. At year end, the company expects to have increased its capacity by 20%.
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Copa Airlines will fly from June 15 to three new destinations: Toronto, Canada, Nassau, Bahamas , and Porto Alegre, Brazil. Each destination will fly four times weekly. This was announced at a press conference its chief executive, Pedro Heilbron, who announced that in June announced 3 or 4 destinations to begin operations in December.
In addition, the company will extend from June a daily basis to destinations such as Lima (end in 5 flights daily), Orlando (3), Miami (4), Bogotá (6) and Santiago de Chile (3).
The Panamanian airline serves 55 destinations in 27 countries, with a total of 180 flights daily. The extension of frequency and destinations will run with 8 aircraft were in 2010 and 10 waiting in 2011, which the airline's capacity will grow by 20%, some 7 000 additional seats per day, for what you need 500 thousand new employees.
To manage the increased traffic, create two new banks Copa flight-periods of time in which several planes arriving and departing the airport, facilitating connections, "one early morning and another in the later.
These banks had joined the airline operates four in Tocumen. In this sense, the Panamanian airport will distance themselves from their competitors in the region, working with two banks of flights, said Heilbron.
In the expansion plans of the airline "fit" the opening of the new airport terminal, the North Pier. "Today we do not fit in the airport," he said. The terminal works implemented by the consortium Aerotocumen have been delayed by heavy rains, but is expected to open in the second half of the year.
The manager of Tocumen SA, Juan Carlos Pino, said he is working on studies of the south pier, a new terminal with 15 gates to 20.

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