Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Starting July 8, 2011 flights between PTY and DAV begin operation.  As long as your flight arrives into PTY before 9:30 am, you should be able to make the connecting flights from PTY -  DAV.

Outbound from DAV, you will need to have a departing flight from Tocumen (PTY) no earlier than 5 pm.

You are at your own risk, as you are now:  if you miss your flight, it is not the airlines' problem.

  • TA153  DAV -  POC   Departs David 7:43 am  Arrives Albrook 8:52 am
  • TA155  POC - PTY     Departs Albrook 10:10 Arrives Tocumen  10:20 am
  • TA154  PTY - POC     Departs Tocumen 10:50 am Arrives Albrook 11:00 am
  • TA156  POC - DAV    Departs Albrook 11:35 am Arrives David 12:43 pm
  • TA157  DAV - POC    Departs David 1:25pm Arrives Albrook 2:34 pm
  • TA166 POC - PTY      Departs Albrook  2:59 pm Arrives Tocumen 3:09 pm
  • TA167 PTY - POC      Departs Tocumen 3:39 pm Arrives Albrook 3:49 pm
  • TA162 POC - DAV     Departs Albrook  4:00 pm Arrives David  5:08 pm

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