Friday, February 19, 2010

Meeting with Air Panama regarding direct flights to DAV from USA or Tocumen (PTY)

On February 2, Margo (my wife) and I met with Raul Morales, the Commercial Manager, for Air Panama.  We discussed the possibility of direct flights from Tocumen as well as from the USA to David. Mr. Morales expressed interest in a route between the USA and David, presumably referring to a (jet) turbine aircraft that Air Panama will soon put into operations. This new aircraft will give Air Panama the range to serve longer routes.   I mentioned that the DAV Direct group would be interested in participating in the business of direct flight operations in order to make them a viable activity in the short term.  Additionally, Mr. Morales mentioned that a 4th flight, perhaps in the evening, will begin operations shortly on the Albrook - David route.  Mr. Morales sited that Air Panama would be using the extra hours of night time operations that is now available at the DAV airport.  For those of you concerned with weather during nighttime operations, please note that AAC authorities have stated that the weather patterns at night time are more favorable to flight operations than those in the afternoon.  Indeed, the few night flights that i have been on from Albrook to David (operated at night time due to delays) where indeed completely uneventful and smooth.

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