Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Copa Airlines Domestic Flights to David and Bocas del Toro Generate Reactions by Air Panama and Aeroperlas

Air Panama and Aeroperlas Interested in Connections
Marianela Palacios Ramsbott
Domestic flights from Tocumen to David and Bocas del Toro confirmed last week that Copa Airlines, after the Government announced it would make investments in the airport for flight connections to allow international air flights, generated immediate reactions and Air Panama Aeroperlas.
"One of the important strategies to enhance the development of domestic aviation in Panama, is to establish appropriate linkages with various international carriers, so as to generate more movement within the country and provide better connectivity to visitors . That is why we are open to establishing relationships with international operators carrying passengers with special needs to visit different places on Panama, "said Nestor Echevers, general manager of Regional Aeroperlas, when asked about the matter.
AirPanama Aeroperlas and are the main airlines serving domestic commercial aircraft currently in Panama and David and Bocas destinations are its main sources of income.
At least the statistics suggest that air transport handles Civil Aviation Authority, under which 52% of total shipments and landings at the airport made Mark E. Gelabert (Albrook) in 2009 were made with AirPanama and 47% were Aeroperlas. And of the 302,768 passengers who mobilized in the airport, flew to 48% and 27% David flew to Bocas.
Copa input to internal business is interpreted by some as a great threat to them, but others present it as a great opportunity.
Air Panama Aeroperlas and publicly agree more with the latter than the former.
"We welcome this initiative to increase the flow of tourists to national destinations and if we expressed our interest in participating. Yes we have held discussions with government officials regarding this issue. We are ready to begin almost immediately if we reach an agreement with Copa The cost and frequency would be determined at the time, "said Eduardo Stagg, CEO of Air Panama to the questionnaire Capital.
If FIFA decides to do this alone, he said Stagg, "I do not think that would affect us because our service is aimed at another market and offer our passengers options other than those that offer Copa, we even see it as an opportunity for the largest flow of passengers would generate proceeds of marketing that would make Copa in all its destinations and its sales channels. "
In any case, both airlines recommend the Government to take all appropriate measures to safeguard free competition and diversity of offerings to the traveling public.
"Any improvement is made to the infrastructure and result in better service to our passengers we think is important and deserves positive feedback," he said Echevers.
Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines, has publicly expressed his sympathy for the initiative of the National Government.
"The vice president Juan Carlos Varela and general manager of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Salomon Shamah, we were invited to assess the feasibility of unite the cities of David and Bocas del Toro directly to the Tocumen International Airport and our network of 45 destinations. We recognize the benefit of connecting these provinces with the Copa network and therefore we are committed to making this project a reality, "said Heilbron.
This commitment to the Government includes coordinating joint promotional activities abroad and participation in the Holiday Copa tour packages.
"Right now operators hold talks with Panama and other countries as well as aircraft manufacturers, to determine the fastest and most effective means of carrying this out. Then comes a period of aircraft certification, staff training, etc. We hope to be ready by the end of the year or by early 2011, "reiterated the CEO. 

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